Hello, someone told me to come here to let people know that tumblr user rachelwillmot stole my gifs. I don't really know how this blog works so I'm asking here. Should I submit something saying what I tried to do? Have a good day! :) —huntintrip

Hi there! I’m so sorry someone stole your gifs, that’s a horrible feeling. The first thing you need to do is send me a link to your original gifset, and then a link to a post where rachelwillmot posted your gifs as her own post. I just need proof before I make a post about it.

You can send it anytime, and as soon as I get the message, I’ll make a post about it! I hope you and your work stay safe <3

the person who runs this blog has repeatedly stolen gifs from people in the btvs/whedonverse fandom. i confronted them once, and they said there was nothing wrong with what they were doing, and that they weren’t stealing. if you ever see a gifset with slay-me-softly as the source, please do not reblog! it is not their own work.